RC Flight Simulator by AccuRC

AccuRC is the world’s first aerodynamically accurate RC flight simulator. Start your journey into the new world of 3rd generation RC flight simulation.

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Realistic aircraft built from the ground up to be physically and aerodynamically accurate. Ground and flight dynamics like you have never seen before.

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Choose from a wide variety of helicopters from a classic T-Rex, to LOGOs and Synergys, even the latest and greatest Goblins. Use a virtual FBL system, just like the one you use in real life, to fly your model through an accurate simulation of its actual rotor geometry.

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Play amongst buildings, trees and stadiums. AccuRC features many vast FPV playgrounds from futuristic cities to an entire island to rip through.

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Powered by Steam

Using the power of steam to make for a better social online experience. Create friends lists and tell people you want to fly online with them.

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Amazing Features

AccuRC offers RC fliers unique benefits unavailable with any other RC simulator

Ultra Detailed Models

AccuRC represents a big advancement in simulator design due to the way it reproduces aircraft down to every tiny linkage and bellcrank.

Online Multiplayer

Fly or race your friends online. Enhanced further with Steam’s friend list, you can find a friend online and invite them to your session.

Component Swapping

You can equip and tune the virtual model just as you would in real life. Choose from a video variety of servos, motors, propellers, rotor blades, batteries and much more.

Super-detailed sceneries

3D rendered super-scape sceneries which include stadiums, cities and remote islands.

Accurate physics engine

We utilize our very own physics engine to ensure the most realistic and rewarding flight experience possible, used and loved by many of the world’s leading RC pilots.

Training & Configuration

AccuRC is the only simulator to allow you to explore a wide variety of real model aircraft and properly understand how they operate.

Support Desk

If you require support please use the relevant email address below. We also have an early access community for general discussions and access to the beta versions. If you would like to actively help improve the simulator we value your input. Join our discord server

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