In AccuRC we offer 2 types of Scenery.

Photo sceneries are generated from spherical panoramas and take your right to the location they were shot in. Topographical detail and collision mapping are accurate with data taken from mapping services, so you can crash into whatever objects are visible on the panorama.

The “Free Roam” sceneries, comprised of actual 3D models, are ideal for FPV flying and exploring, offering a mix of cities, islands, stadiums and race tracks. Each Free Roam scene has a unique vibe to it,

Flying sites can be configured with realistic wind options, modelled on authentic wind gradients– for example, the higher you fly, the higher the wind speed gets. Additionally, the wind effects are non-linear and include gusting and turbulence, relating to the topography of each specific field.

Different surfaces offer varying levels of friction and ground handling properties for aircraft. Additionally, the ground will interact with moving objects such as rotor blades. There’s a fine line between a blade scrape and a crash!


Below you’ll find a list of sceneries currently available in AccuRC 2.