2.0.4 is here! This update is, as usual, completely free of charge and brings you three brand new helicopters, as well as some fundamental improvements to the flight model.

We have taken a close look at airfoils, blade feel and autorotation characteristics and developed a set of 12 different airfoils that cover just about every blade in the sim.

If you’ve flown autorotations in AccuRC before, you might have noticed they were always a bit on the easy side. We’ve adjusted this towards more realistic- giving you the best autorotation experience possible.


New Models:
-Goblin Fireball (Including two canopy schemes)
-LOGO 480 XXtreme (Including two canopy schemes)
-Goblin Black Thunder Sport

Physics & Flight model:
-Completely new and revised set of airfoils to make every rotor blade fly truly unique
-Revised autorotation behavior, geared more towards realistic than easy
-Greatly improved blade stall behavior, blades will now stall smoother, later and more realistically
-Completely tackled wobbles on hard collective stops

New Components:
-SAB Fireball ESC
-YGE 90 LV
-Scorpion 4015-1070KV
-RotorTech 80mm
-RotorTech 480mm
-VTX 477mm

-Made cyclic and tail deadband value global and per Tx, reduced defaults greatly

-New thumbnails for most models
-Deadbands can now be set in TX Channels configuration

-T-Rex 700N blade grips invisibility fixed
-Workbench menu randomly disappearing fixed