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Introducing AccuTV!

ByJonas Wackershauser April 1, 2021

Dive into this radical new product and immerse yourself in nostalgia! AccuTV will take you right back in time to when the hobby took its first steps. Enjoy funky flights from the legends of ye olden days, like Scott Anthracite, Curtis Oldblood, Krason Jause and many more!… Read More

Radiomaster TX16S preset added

ByJonas Wackershauser November 17, 2020

We just updated AccuRC 2.0.14 to include the Radiomaster TX16s preset made by our friend TJ at Buddy RC/Ohio Model Products! Check out his video on how to set up the radio to get the most out of it in AccuRC, then create a new transmitter, select the Radiomaster TX16s… Read More

Happy Heliween!

ByJonas Wackershauser October 29, 2020

Happy Heliween! Experience our all new Heliween Workbench and get a great deal on AccuRC during our Halloween Sale to end off Spooktober properly! Get AccuRC at 10% off at … Read More

AccuRC 2.0.14 – accOMPanied by Speed

ByJonas Wackershauser October 9, 2020

AccuRC 2.0.14 is RELEASED! This time we’re bringing you four new helicopters, some very small ones, and a very fast one! Dive into the world of micro helis with the OMPHobby M2, M2 Explore and the all new Mikado LOGO 200! We have taken greatest care to model each and… Read More

LOGO 200 coming to AccuRC!

ByJonas Wackershauser October 3, 2020

There’s of course one more thing… How could we add the M2 without adding its Mikado counterpart, the LOGO 200? The LOGO 200 combines OMPHobby’s excellent direct drive power system, rotor and rotor blade designs with Mikado’s beautiful aesthetics and their NEO Flybarless system. Through simulation of the NEO’s Antigravity… Read More

Goblin Comet coming to AccuRC!

ByJonas Wackershauser October 2, 2020

Are you looking to fly an RC helicopter as fast as physically possible? Does the sound of 720mm blades at 2700RPM directly touch your heart? Do you crave pure SPEED? Look no further, as the Goblin Comet is coming to AccuRC! As a perfect complement to the Chance HSU BE720S… Read More

OMPHobby M2 coming to AccuRC!

ByJonas Wackershauser October 1, 2020

Here we are once again for an announcement of a new cooperation! OMPHobby and AccuRC are working together to bring the M2 heli family to AccuRC 2.0.14. Built once again from original CAD files thanks to TJ Williams and Jeff Ren of OMPHobby, we’re bringing you every single M2 V2 variant!… Read More

AccuRC 2.0.13 – Release the Kraken once more!

ByJonas Wackershauser June 25, 2020

AccuRC 2.0.13 is now out and available, and we’re very proud to release the Kraken once again- this time with the Kraken 580! SAB Heli Division’s latest creation is available right now for you to enjoy. As we believe in being original, we now offer the Synergy R/C 516S, running 556mm blades, as… Read More

Goblin Kraken 580 for AccuRC 2.0.13

ByJonas Wackershauser June 22, 2020

Are you ready for us to release the Kraken once again? In cooperation with SAB Heli Division, we are very proud to announce our flagship model for the upcoming AccuRC release- the Goblin Kraken 580, one of the most versatile helicopters to date! The Kraken 580, just like its big… Read More

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