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AccuRC 2.0.13 – Release the Kraken once more!

By Jonas Wackershauser June 25, 2020

AccuRC 2.0.13 is now out and available, and we’re very proud to release the Kraken once again- this time with the Kraken 580! SAB Heli Division’s latest creation is available right now for you to enjoy. As we believe in being original, we now offer the Synergy R/C 516S, running 556mm blades, as… Read More

Goblin Kraken 580 for AccuRC 2.0.13

By Jonas Wackershauser June 22, 2020

Are you ready for us to release the Kraken once again? In cooperation with SAB Heli Division, we are very proud to announce our flagship model for the upcoming AccuRC release- the Goblin Kraken 580, one of the most versatile helicopters to date! The Kraken 580, just like its big… Read More

Introducing Accu0G!

By Jonas Wackershauser April 1, 2020

Happy April Fool’s Day! Hope you enjoyed this little joke. Have you been bored by mother Earth’s boring, very constant gravity of 9.807 m/s²? Do you want to explore something new you’d never be able to do in real life? Well fear not! Introducing now: Accu0G! Accu0G (“Accu-Zero-G”) will take… Read More

AccuRC ROTOR Live Stand-In Sale

By Jonas Wackershauser March 12, 2020

We’re incredibly sad that ROTOR live had to be canceled over the current COVID-19 pandemic as we were looking forward to meeting you all there, so as a little consolation, we decided to still offer you AccuRC for the same price you could have bought it for right at the… Read More

AccuRC 2.0.12 – Updates by the Dozen!

By Jonas Wackershauser March 8, 2020

AccuRC 2.0.12 is released and now available through Steam! Here’s the perfect update with new models and features to accompany you on your start into the new flying season! AccuRC 2.0.12 comes with three new helicopters, a whole lot of new rotor blades, bug fixes, performance enhancements and more! -New… Read More

Happy Lunar New Year from AccuRC! 15% Sale!

By Jonas Wackershauser January 23, 2020

Happy Lunar New Year from us at AccuRC! It’s the year of the rat, and we’re celebrating! AccuRC is 15% off through the website. Take this opportunity to get yourself the most advanced RC flight simulator to date, for only £33.99! We’re planning to add a highly requested model next- can you… Read More

Cooperation with JR/DFA and FORZA 700 for 2.0.12

By Jonas Wackershauser January 11, 2020

We’re very pleased to announce that we are now cooperating with RC Depot and JR PROPO / DFA to bring their line of helicopters to AccuRC! From 2.0.12 on, you’ll be able to enjoy true Japanese craftmanship in AccuRC- and we’re starting out with the JR FORZA 700! The FORZA 700, of… Read More

Synergy N556 for AccuRC 2.0.12

By Jonas Wackershauser January 6, 2020

We’re starting off 2020 right with a new model- the Synergy N556! In cooperation with Synergy R/C we’re bringing you this amazing little nitro machine built from original CAD files, equipped with an OS 55 HZ, giving you all the power you need. And, like a match made in heaven for this… Read More

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