The AccuRC 2.0.6 model update is released!

We have decided to add five more helicopters to AccuRC 2.0.6, along with a couple more fixes and optimizations to make the AccuRC experience even better. The update is available for free on Steam, simply start the Steam client and it will start downloading automatically.

New helicopters:

HD Helicopters HD 750

XLPower Specter 700

MSH Protos 700X

MSH Protos 700X Evoluzione

MSH Protos 800X Evoluzione

Along with fixes for things like the pitch gauge, transmitter setup, plane ground handling, LOGO 600 SX tail collision, sim setup menus and a couple more enhancements, this concludes development of version 2.0.6! Stay tuned for what the future brings!

Change log: