While development of 2.0.7 is going at full speed, we learned a couple valuable new things that we could take advantage of with older builds of AccuRC as well. We decided to take a step back and fix one of the most important features of 2.0.6: MULTIPLAYER! All changes below are live and AccuRC 2.0.6 will automatically update when you start it again.
Multiplayer in general now works reliably again. You can join host sessions, join sessions and chat with people while flying online. We also greatly improved the way the models’ movements are transmitted to other people, which means way less data consumption, lower CPU workload and generally a better experience when multiple people are flying!
As a little bonus, you’ll also get the tweaked airfoils from 2.0.7 in 2.0.6 release right now. Tweaks have been made to all blades using the NACA0014 airfoil as well as all SAB blades. In summary, the stop wobbles some people experienced are gone for good, you can go faster now and you have more control power in extreme situations.
And finally, we gained some performance as well. This will especially help users with low end setups.
Give it a try!
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