2.0.7 is rolling out now!


It’s been a while in the making, but it’s finally here! We’re bringing the latest and greatest AccuRC update to you right now.


Our gratitude has to go to our amazing community who have tested our betas build after build to provide us with feedback. We really appreciate your efforts!


For AccuRC 2.0.7, we have added some more new models:


Apache 800 size Scale helicopter

SAB Goblin 770 Sport

SAB Goblin Black Thunder Sport Havok Edition

Synergy N7

Armattan Chameleon Quadcopter


Additionally, we added all of Mikado’s new Canopies for the LOGO 700!


Other features include:

-Redesigned menu with a semi transparent look, social media links

-Greatly enhanced performance with a new “Hybrid Efficiency” mode which eliminates tail wag at low PFPS

-Way faster menu response and overall improved menu handling

-Much faster loading times, both when loading a model and when switching between workbench and flight mode

-Retuned airfoils to optimize fast flight, hard stops and autorotations

-Ability to share models online through the Steam workshop

-Sim wide MP3 player, now also usable in workbench

-Automatic detection and -setting of graphics settings to suit the machine’s performance

-Too many fixes, improvements, optimizations and other tweaks to list.


As we did with 2.0.6, we will be adding more models to this release soon before moving on to the next update. Stay tuned, we have some amazing and highly requested models in store for you!



Full 2.0.7 Change Log:



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