AccuRC 2.0.9 is released! As we’re working towards AccuRC V3, we’ve decided to go with smaller, less time consuming releases, bringing you new content more frequently! Not only will you, the user benefit more from this as you’ll see new content more often, but it also gives us the freedom to sometimes depart from our pre-planned development schedule to spontaneously bring you new features to enjoy. Keep an eye out!

Most noteworthy additions to AccuRC 2.0.9:

With AccuRC 2.0.9, we’re introducing the GLOGO 690 SX, Kyle Dahl’s masterpiece and Mikado’s first nitro powered helicopter in 26 years. Retaining the proven rotor systems from the LOGO 690 SX, combined with a fuel-proof carbon fiber frame, the GLOGO is one of the lightest nitro 700s available.

IRCHA Center Stage

Join the biggest RC Heli jamboree in the world, this is IRCHA! Take on Center Stage, where the most glorious demos are flown, and where The ONE Competition and Battle of the Brands were/are held. Scorpion banner included! Do you have what it takes?


Have you ever dreamed of competing among the best pilots in the world? GLOBAL 3D is the field for you! The world elite has repeatedly fought for the title of the world champion on this very field. Don’t fly into the banners!

Reworked Sceneries

For 2.0.9, we have reworked a lot of our old sceneries, corrected horizon heights, added collision and tweaked the panoramas. Your favorite scenery may feel new and fresh now, while retaining its old charm you know and love.

Enhanced Rotor Disk Blur

We have paid special attention to making our rotor disks appear much more realistic, with a new shader making the disk look more vivid as it spins, various new reflections for the turning rotor and newly rendered disk blur patterns for many blades.

AccuRC 2.0.9 is released now, as a free update which will automatically download the next time you open Steam. Enjoy!

As always, you can find the full change history in our AccuRC 2.0.9 Change Log