As of 2.0.2 AccuRC is integrated with Steam. Steam is a games platform similar to google play and the apple app store but for PC games. The main thing you will notice is that updates are now seamless, automatic and near instant, This means we can push updates much faster and you dont need to download and install the entire sim manually.

The other main feature for the user is that if you are not using the AccuRC dongle for your transmitter connection you no longer need to have it connected to the pc, You should however ensure that your Steam Account is secure. Steam recommend having a phone number connected to the account for recovery purposes incase you lose access for whatever reason.

Steam is far more than this tho, it allows you to create friends lists so you can invite your friends into that multiplayer game you just created, it saves your settings to your account so if you have multiple machines or you just log into a friends PC all your settings are there just as you left them. It also allows live streaming and many other awesome features.

Lastly, one for you Mac fans, it brings us a step closer to a native mac installer.

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