This update is focused mainly on new models, functionality and new components. Grab 2.0.3 from Steam right now and rock the sky with five new helicopters, a triple RPM flight mode system, 16 new rotor blades and much more!

Full change log:

New models:
-LOGO 700
-Goblin Black Thunder
-Blade 130X
-LOGO 600 SX (to replace old LOGO 600 3D)
-LOGO 600 SE 2013 (to replace old LOGO 600 SE 2010-2013)

New paint schemes:
-Goblin 570 Yellow (boom, skids and fin now swappable)
-T-Rex 700E can now use 700N canopies

New components:
-MSC Rapid 520 & 690/710
-SAB ThunderBolt 690/710
-Zeal Energy 690 Red/Yellow/Green
-Most 690/710mm versions of previously available main blades
-Most 105/115mm versions of previously available tail blades
-BK DS-7002HV Coreless Servo

-Introduction of new flight mode striple RPM system (Legacy normal mode optionally usable)
-New TX configuration dialog
-Added FBL parameter tooltips (hover mouse cursor over a parameter to learn more about it)
-Renamed several FBL parameters for more clarity
-New model thumbnails
-Components now ordered alphabetically

-Drastically increased agility of all flybar helicopters
-Adjusted default setups of several models
-Completely reworked Goblin 570 Default Setup
-Tweaked many other default setups
-Increased ground contact resistance