We’re very pleased to announce that we are now cooperating with RC Depot and JR PROPO / DFA to bring their line of helicopters to AccuRC! From 2.0.12 on, you’ll be able to enjoy true Japanese craftmanship in AccuRC- and we’re starting out with the JR FORZA 700!

The FORZA 700, of course built from JR’s original CAD files, comes equipped with JR’s very own blades- the JR XB710-FBL main rotor blade, as well as the JR XB113 tail rotor blade. You also have the choice between the stylish boom cover, as well as the more standard boom supports. The single color cano and boom paint scheme also beautifully works together with AccuRC’s canopy hue feature to give you a wide variety of canopy options!

The JR FORZA 700 is now available via the 2.0.12 Alpha and Beta branches- and there’s more to come.