Happy April Fool’s Day! Hope you enjoyed this little joke.

Have you been bored by mother Earth’s boring, very constant gravity of 9.807 m/s²? Do you want to explore something new you’d never be able to do in real life? Well fear not!

Introducing now: Accu0G!

Accu0G (“Accu-Zero-G”) will take your flying to other planets and natural sattelites, which we will be adding with the coming update! Our debut will be the moon, with a gravity of appx. 1.625 m/s², you can take your flying to the next level as your heli will feel feather light! Fly around lunar craters, visit the sites of the space missions and do funnels around the (now very bleached out) USA flag Neil Armstrong placed there.

More planets will follow shortly, such as Mars (3.711 m/s²), Venus (8.870 m/s²), Mercury (3.700 m/s²), Jupiter (24.790 m/s²) and our all time favorite, Pluto (0.620 m/s²).

Hope you enjoy!

*Note: Due to the moon’s atmospheric pressure being only 0.3E-15bar, your average 700 will need approximately RPM to achieve the same aerodynamic lift as running 2000 RPM on earth. Please consult with your power system, mechanics and rotor blade manufacturers for compatibility and limitations. Nitro engines will not work on the moon.