Having added the GLOGO, we couldn’t just leave it at that, so we brought the LOGO lineup up to speed on canopies! The latest beta, AccuRC 2.0.9 Beta 050819, brings you all the new V3 canopies for the LOGO 600 SX and LOGO 600 SE, as well as the stock V3 canopy for the LOGO 690 SX. The update also comes with fixes for the IRCHA skybox so the seams remain invisible on lower quality modes, and some tweaks for multiplayer loading.

Full 2.0.9 Change Log: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HOwEDpVQKy7yhPrrtTk2zu5zl5HtCAXBV-8v0NzZ-qw/edit?usp=sharing