Here we go, this is our final model for AccuRC 2.0.11- the OXY5 MEG!

Although it may look like it at first glance, this model is not the result of a cooperation with Lynx- it originated from a cooperation with a very talented, young lady named Anastasia Garbuzova. Being a Lynx rep, but also knowing that Lynx isn’t keen to work with simulator companies, Anastasia set out to bring the OXY5 to AccuRC. Therefore, she hand-modeled us a gorgeous, high resolution 3D model of the OXY5 MEG that we pretty much couldn’t have done any better on. Great work, Anastasia!

The OXY5 MEG comes both as a 6S and 12S version, with the 6S being lighter and more suited for low RPM, and the 12S variant being made for the hardest styles of 3D. Additionally, we’re including swappable tail booms, giving you the choice between the standard black boom or the yellow-red painted boom, as well as the ability to swap between the CF and plastic skids. The OXY5 MEG comes equipped with the new RotorTech 610 Ultimate, which is the perfect rotor blade for a high performance 600 size heli.

The OXY5 MEG is available now in AccuRC Alpha and Beta. Check it out!