Spektrums new NX series of transmitters now have USB so you no longer need a dongle to connect your spektrum tx to AccuRC simulator. You simply use the USB cable that came with your spektrum NX transmitter

There is a small amount of configuration you need to do. This setup works for all model types, we dumb the transmitter down and do all the config in AccuRC.

What you are aiming for is:

Fixed wing (plane) model type, normal aileron and elevator (one servo).

  • Channel 1-4 are your main controls
  • Channel 5 named “Gear” needs to be assigned to the switch you want to use for throttle hold
  • Channel 6 named “Aux1” needs to be assigned to the switch you want to use for RPM 1-3


How you do this is to go to the “Channel input config” in your radio and assign 2 switches

Channel 5 will be used for throttle hold on helis, gear on planes and arm on quad copters
Channel 6 needs to be a 3 position switch and will be used to switch RPM on helis, flaps on planes and switch between horizon, angle and acro on quadcopters

Next we need to tell the transmitter to use the usb cable for simulators. In the transmitter go to system settings -> USB Settings and change it from “inhibit” to “game controller”

Horizon hobby have made a video on this:

Now plug the transmitter into your PC and open AccuRC, Go to TX settings -> device,

Set the Input Mode to “game controller”
Set the Preset “Spektrum NX”
Ensure Device is set to Spektrum too

Lastly, it’s simply a case of calibrating, Hit calibration and follow the instructions on screen ensuring the 3 position switch is centred when asked to centre all controls and switches

As ever any questions please email us at support@