Mikado have released their LOGO 800 this week, and we’re following suit with an update to our representation of the model! Quite a lot has changed since ROTOR Live where we first saw the LOGO 800, and for 2.0.11, we will be updating the LOGO 800 to what’s being shipped to customers. The update affects both the actual 3D model, as well as the flight dynamics, now that we have more data than before.

Another improvement we’re bringing will be way more robust governing with a lot better RPM consistency, especially for low RPM. This applies to all new models from the hangar by default, to update old models, simply re-select the ESC of your choice through workbench and you’ll get the new control loops.

Oh and did we mention, the workbench now has a model shadow in higher graphics settings!

These new features are now available through the alpha/beta branches and will soon be available with AccuRC 2.0.11.